Cloud Based Services Hosted in the Cloud

BusiBox is a Cloud based Managed Services Provider for the Channel, committed to Resellers 100%

What's White Label?

White label services are services or products that can be re-branded. BusiBox actively promotes this as we are all about our resellers. When you resell a service from us, it’s branded as you! That’s not just the name of a product or service, but everything that goes with it.

What's The Channel?

BusiBox doesn’t sell to anyone, we only sell to resellers. This means you will never be competing with us, our prices are only available to our resellers and your margin is your business! We only allow resellers to be from industries within our ‘Channel’. These can include any company that sells I.T. related services to it’s customers.


BusiBox Launches New Website

Today we launched our new website, with more information for prospective resellers and easier access to tools and information for our resellers.

BusiBox Reseller Events

On January the 20th we held our first reseller event, inviting new resellers to learn about our products and offerings. We are please to say it went very well, and we will be holding more soon. If you are interested in becoming a reseller, get in touch with a member of our team or click on the Events page to find out when the next Reseller Event is taking place.

We're Attending Open4Business

BusiBox are exhibiting at Open for Business. Come and find us, have a chat and see how we can help you increase your revenue. Oh, and look out for our Cloud!

Cloud Services

Hosted Business Desktop

Do you have customers who use RDP? Do you have customers who would benefit from having their desktops delivered from a central location?

Hosted IP Telephony

Our BusiTel Hosted IP Telephony products offer centralized PBX management with all the benefits of a modern PBX.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

All our products are derived from our Cloud Platform, which means if you want to do something unique, we can help!

What is BusiBox?

BusiBox is a managed business solutions provider, dedicated to delivering quality business products to the channel.

We believe in developing solutions that benefit businesses at every level.

Our products are Cloud based services, meaning we host them, deliver them and maintain them. All you have to do is bring them to your customers.

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